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Kashan Circa 1920

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205 x 136 cm



size in cm: 205 x 136 cm

size in feet: 6.7 x 4.5 ft

Composition: 100% wool

Provenance: Iran (Persia)

Region: Kashan

Knot Density: approx 450,000/sqm

About The Piece

Right between Isfahan and Teheran, lies the city of Keshan which was important as a trading & a resting place along the Silk Road.
The city has been famous for a long time for its textiles ,Carpets, silk and its pottery.

Superior carpets were manufactured here during the Safavid dynasty (1502-1736).
Today the carpets are made both in and the surrounding of Keshan with high knot density in both superior wool and silk.
The patterns consists of beautifully designed medallions, trees and figural motifs. Dominating colours are blue, red and beige.

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