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Tabriz Circular

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Rug No: 341954

Size in cm: 250 x 250 cm

Size in Feet: 8.20 x 8.20 ft

Composition: Part Silk Part Wool

Provenance: Iran (Persia)

Region: Tabriz

Knot density: 550,000 knts/sqm

About The Piece

Tabriz is situated in the northwest of Persia close to the Russian (Azerbaijan) and the Turkish border.

Tabriz carpets come almost exclusively from the city and their surroundings and woven by experienced weavers in private houses, the looms are vertical, often with metal roller beams.

In some of the finer pieces well-known artists draw the designs and select the colour combinations, sometimes if the weaver is proud of his/her work the add their signature at the end of the carpet.
The Turkish knot is almost always used (the population of Tabriz is Turkish by race and language).

Tabriz carpets play a very important role in Persian carpet production. Tabriz rugs are amongst the most sought after rugs by Persians for their houses and interiors. It was Tabriz, in fact, that carpets were first made for export. 
Some of the most common designs such as Mahi (Fish) taken from the Persian gardens, which has a field of small motifs, called Herati design with a central medallion. Other designs are floral, often with a central medallion. Some have more silk than others and the finest are woven onto silk foundations (silk fringes)