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Rug no: 360162

Size in cm: 300 x 82 cm

Size in Feet: 9.8 x 2.7 ft

Composition: 100 % Wool Pile 

Provenance: Iran (Persia)

Region: Hosseinabad

Knot density: 180,000 Knots/sqm

About The Piece

Hosseinabad is located in Hamadan Province. Most of the rugs woven here are sold in the market places of Hamadan city and are often classed as Hamadans. They are mostly woven with the Turkish symmetrical knot and are hard wearing, attractive, all purpose rugs, 
which will blend with both modern and traditional decors. Most of Hosseinabad carpets, likewise and other Kurdish carpets, has one side fringes and the other side is mostly Kelim weaving which made the carpets more unique and attractive.

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