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Rug no: 360209

Size in cm: 205 x 80 cm

Size in Feet: 6.7 x 2.6 ft

Composition: 100% silk

Provenance: Iran (Persia)

Region: Qum

Knot density: over 1,000,000 knots/sqm

About The Piece

The holy city of Qum (Ghom) in central Persia near Tehran is noted for its silk rugs.
The manufacturing of carpets began around 1890.
Using the luxurious fine wool and Silk allows the skilled weavers to make some of the most beautiful and extremely complex design in the highest quality for which they are known for.
Gardens, Medallions or figural carpets with plant and animal motifs are common.
It has now common to see the name of the weaver or the designer woven on the top of the rug.

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