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Rug No: 308764

Size in cm: 257 x 175 cm

Size in Feet: 8.4 x 5.7 ft

Composition: 100% Wool Pile

Provenance: Iran (Persia)

Region: Gabbeh

Knot density: 100,000 konts/sqm

About The Piece

Gabbeh (from the Persian language farsi; raw, natural, uncut) represents a thick high pile nomadic carpet with patterns mostly made by Kashgai tribes from the Fars province in the southwest of Iran. They are mainly woven in handspun wool, in the pile, warp and the weft, using mostly vegetable dyes. 
The patterns of the carpet are of a simple type with only a few elements of decorative objects. 

One needs to distinguish the Persian Gabbeh from other types or copies made elsewhere since, the wool is more luster and is of higher and more durable quality.

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